Poundmaker Sports and Culture Programs 


 Judo Classes at CPS, TBA

Ages 6-10

Craft Night at CPS

Every Monday 3:30-4:30

K-Grade 12


except saturday 6-9

Grade 10-Adults

Mon, Wed, Sun-Volleyball, Indoor Soccer

Tues, Thurs, Fri-Basketball, Floor Hockey

Weight/Fitness equipment available upstairs in the gym in the evening.

Gamex Bingo's

Gamex bingo's are used to provide funding for programs and events that happen on reserve. A process is to be followed in requesting assistance, but everything that involves the youth, is approved by SLGA (c). Budgets and proposals to be submitted to Sports and Culture Committee. The future dates to work bingo's are as follows:

Please submit budgets and proposals to Preston Baptiste at Chief Poundmaker School. As they need to be approved by SLGA (c).