< October 17, 2017 >

Governance Meeting

11:00am - 4:30pm

There is a scheduled meeting at the Poundmaker Vets Hall
starting at 11:00am

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Treaty Governance Workshop

1:30pm - 6:00pm

  1. Welcoming & Opening Prayer Chief Duane/Elder tbd
  2. Overview of the workshop Chair
  3. The Why Chair
  • decision-making before contact AJ Felix
  • the indian act
  • PCN Band Custom defined 
      4. Nation-Rebuilding-the key pillars for effective governance today Milt
      5. Legislation impacting First nations Eric Tootoosis
      6. Break Out sessions (small groups/mind map)  Facilitator leads
          Q1. What does Band Custom mean to you?
          Q2. What does effective governance look like in 2067?
          Q3. What are the main issues that are  causing problems for our 
          Q4.  What law should be developed and in which priority            (top,medium, or low priority)
7. Reports back to the whole group Chair
        8. Wrap- up & next steps Chair


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